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Women Empowerment OffTheHook Foundation For Rural Dwellers equally promotes empowerment at all levels, geared towards empowering the youths, men and women especially the young widows in the rural areas with the view to eradicating extreme poverty. The empowerment assumes the following; trainings, vocational and skills acquisition and disbursement of seed money to venture into a […]
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Educational Scholarship & Grants OffTheHook Foundation For Rural Dwellers is a forerunner of promoting qualitative and basic education from the primary level to the secondary level. We advocate qualitative and compulsory basic education at primary and secondary levels for our children, the foundation is aware that education plays a very critical role in engendering the […]
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Gender Rights

Gender Rights & Equity OffTheHook Foundation For Rural Dwellers is a strong advocator for gender equality and hence upholds and promotes the rights of women and the girl child in our rural communities. The Foundation strongly frowns at molestation, abuses, genital mutilation and every other act that tends to trigger low self-esteem and prevent them […]
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Care For Aged

Care For The Aged To ensure that our seniors living in the rural areas are in good health, sufficiency, peace and dignity…their “guns” and brains still blazing, a care home should be in place for them. The world has changed, the situation is getting worse daily for our senior citizens. Insecurity, kidnapping, wanton destruction of […]
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Health Care

Free Health Care Many of our rural dwellers especially the Aged don’t have access to good health care. We strongly opine that Government should build in every local government area of the country a care centre where our older persons can gather daily for medical care and feeding same way the school children are being […]
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Gift Outreach

End of The Year Gift Outreach To The Less Privilaged. As an advocate of zero hunger and poverty alleviation, the Foundation has chosen 23rd December of every year as charity day to dine and wine with our less privileged kith and kin in the community, focusing on the people that others forgot, people in poverty, […]
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