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HRH Ugoeze(Lady) Nwamara-Ogbonna Chigbo Chizoba.

Meet the founder/CEO

HRH Ugoeze c.

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Many years ago in Ezeoke Nsu, Ehime Mbano Local Govt Area of Imo State, Nigeria, a little girl was walking home from school through a bushy path when she spotted an old helpless man staggering along the road carrying a heavy bag. On a closer look, the old man seemed very tired, hungry and tears running down his cheeks.

Alarmed, the little girl went over and helped him with his bag which to her surprise contained nothing but his old torn-out clothes and books. On inquiries as to where he was going so she could escort him with the bag, he pointed to the next village…muttering ” I am going home”. On getting to his house, she was shocked to discover that he was a widower, living all alone with no one to care for him, and this resulted in his not eaten for days. The old man had reached that point where he could think of nothing but dying alone,hungry and in pains.Hurrying home, the little girl got some food already prepared by her Mother and ran back to the old man”s house, who incidentally had also been down with a fever for days.

Her little act of kindness saved the old man’s life whom she gradually but unknowingly nursed back to life through her constant visits, carrying along food and a healthy conversation.

Already defining her life’s path finding great joy in being around and taking care of her own grandparents, little Miss Chigbo perfected her passion helping out other senior citizens with food, errands and sometimes even laundry. One day, she went to visit the old man but found an empty house…… it seemed in his forgetful mind as a result of the degenerating Alzheimer’s disease (which was not known in this part of the world at that time), he had lost his way home and could not find his way anymore. That was the last anyone ever saw or heard of the old man.

Following this sad event, Little Chigbo who had become accustomed to taking care of the old man and her grand-parents, sought for another citizen to take care of in addition to her grand-parents.

This became her lifestyle all through her growing up years, rendering selfless service to the old people
around her.

Today, Her Royal Highness Ugoeze Ezi Ada (Lady) Chigbo Chizoba Ogbonna -Nwamara is the founder of OFF THE HOOK FOUNDATION FOR RURAL DWELLERS, OffTheHook Senior Citizens Castle, Mbaise Culturl Carnival Initiator and the royal mother of Umueze Chokoneze in Ezinihitte Mbaise LGA of Imo State, Nigeria.

She is a vibrant, hardworking, fulfilled and productive woman who epitomizes determination and a drive for excellence, fight for justice for the oppressed, Charity, humility and simplicity.

Her work has affected so many lives in different positive ways and she is involved in various progressive developmental works and projects.

Her Royal Highness Ezi Ada (Lady) Chigbo Nwamara has a Bachelor of Science (BSC) upper honours degree from the University of Nigeria Nsukka. She is a Fellow of the Certified Institute of Corporate Administration of Nigeria.
She is the Owner and Managing Director of Emcee International Travels and Tours Ltd and also holds an executive position in Emcee group of Companies.

She is married to HRH Eze (Sir) Mike Emeka Nwamara, Ezeukwu II of Umueze Chokoneze in Ezinihitte Mbaise LGA of Imo State, Nigeria and who is also the Chairman of the board.
They are blessed with two children Princess CHIMDINDU EMEKA- NWAMARA and Prince CHIBUNKEM EMEKA- NWAMARA and many adopted children and still counting.

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