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About OffTheHook Foundation

Offthehook Foundation For Rural Dwellers is a Non-profit, Non-Governmental Organization that advances the socio-economic right, gender equity, cultural heritages and development of rural dwellers via tailor made programmes and activities, was founded 16th Dec 2015, by HRH Ugoeze (Lady) Nwamara-Ogbonna Chigbo Chizoba with Offices in Abuja and Imo State, Nigeria.

Underdevelopment is the primary cause of problem faced by most African Countries. Many rural dwellers are traumatized by the enormous sufferings they experience on daily basis. Injustice and unfair treatment are pronounced.

Woman and girl child are relegated to the back ground as they could only be seen, not heard. Widows continuously are deprived of their rights. Girl child is considered less important to their male counterpart and are not considered for inheritance. Poverty, illiteracy, poor infrastructures, diseases and their likes are prevalent.

That life in the rural areas is hard, rustic and sometimes inhuman is an understatement. Rural to Urban migration is the order of the day and the elderly are left alone to their fate. People are only being remembered by the political office holders during election and afterwards left to their fate.

Our desire to raise the living standard of the rural dwellers; set the hooked off the hook; be a bridge builder, give hope to the hopeless and more are the driving forces for establishing OffTheHook Foundation For Rural Dwellers.

A passionate leader of traditional institutions, having lived with these group of people for years alongside the need to fashion a way to take up responsibility for the socio-economic development of our rural dwellers is in here as fundamental, because he who wears the shoe knows where it pinches

HRH – Ugoeze (Lady) Chigbo Nwamara

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